Discover 9 Essential Commercial Cart Types

Commercial carts are basically used for transferring heavy loads easily, and safely without any breakage. There use is every day, when you run a commercial kitchen, a restaurant, or a catering company, your employee transfers everything like food inventory, glassware, tables, and chairs.

So it’s important that you choose a perfect cart that easily fits according to your business needs. 

If you are looking for a cart that is perfect for transport and storage then a commercial cart or trolleys is the best option for you. It’s made with high-quality plastics and stainless steel.

A commercial cart delivers other benefits like being easy to clean, designed to combat the rigor of any food service environment, and keeping delivery safely in storage areas.

Here is List of Different Commercial Types of Carts or Trolleys:

1. Dish Carts- Delivering or transporting food from one place to another place is a tricky task for your staff. Dish Cart is made with high-quality China dish carts tend to be an investment and its priority is to keep it safe during transport. Dish carts are also known as Dish Dolly and Dish Caddy.

Dish Carts

The food service Dish carts are mainly designed to avoid breakage during transport and also offer storage during downtimes. 

These food service dish carts deliver time, energy, and money and also decrease the risk of injury. They are capable of fitting in any size of the plate and also transfer into tables and buffets. Their non-mordant construction, no biting wheels, and protective plastic surface make a dish cart more strong to face any problem.

2. Housekeeping Carts- In Any industry, housekeeping is the prime job to boost customer satisfaction. So it’s necessary to keep your staff supplied with housekeeping carts. They can easily be supplied with these carts and have no risk of injury during transport.

 Housekeeping Carts

The housekeeping carts are lightweight and capable of carrying everything like towels, tissues, waste bins, and vacuum cleaners. Cabinets and partitions make carts assemble and bumpers keep carts in a good situation.

3. Kitchen Carts- In any restaurant or hotel, prepare many varieties of foods at one time, so maintaining space in a hotel kitchen is tricky. But these kitchen carts are perfect for making extra space in messy kitchens. Kitchen carts are perfectly fit in all food service environments.

Kitchen Carts

These carts are also used for transferring food from one place to another without any breakage.

4. Luggage Carts- To establish a standard and deliver modern facilities to your customers, Luggage carts are ideal for this. Luggage carts are designed to transport and store heavy luggage. The steel wheels and bumpers make them robust and leisurely to move.

Luggage Carts

The carpeted desk prevents luggage from slipping and decreases the risk of injury. These carts reduce the burden on your staff and they easily and quickly transport the luggage without any breakage. 

5. Plate Dispenser Carts- Plate dispensers are prime carts for any well-reputed hotel or restaurant to make an efficient buffet line. Food Service events can get quite chaotic, so keeping plates full stock for customer satisfaction. There are several sizes available in plate dispensers to fulfill your needs.

Plate Dispenser Carts

Along with size, heated and non-heated plate dispensers are designed with wheels that are easily transported from one place to another. The heated plate dispenser is designed to keep food warmer for a long time. 

6. Room Service Carts- Room service carts deliver several uses like storage and transport. These carts or room service trolleys are essential for the food and beverage industry and they are capable of transferring food from your kitchen to your guest. Along with this, they also used to keep food at the proper temperature and fit in maximum space.

Room Service Carts

Room service carts are specifically designed with hot and cold boxes, overlap tops, and locking beakers. These carts are available in different sizes and varieties so choose according to your industry needs.

7. Tray and Rack Dispenser Carts- In a food service kitchen, every little thing needs its own space or home, as well as service trays and storage racks. Tray and rack dispensers deliver a simple access and also look good.

Tray and Rack Dispenser Carts

These types of carts and trolleys are designed to house trays, cups, glasses, and saucers during the service and after the service. These carts are designed with wheels and bumpers that make them capable of moving from one place to another and also save money, time, and energy. 

8. Utility Carts- In your kitchen, Food Service utility carts work as the backbone for transport. They are capable of transporting everything like tabletop items, kitchen utensils, and ingredients.

Utility Carts

These carts deliver time, energy, and money. Utility carts or trolleys make catering jobs easy. They were invented to bring weighty loads and deliver a wide range of tasks.

9. Service Carts- The service carts are ideal for quencher service, food transport, and tableside service. These carts are capable of presenting any food service or hospitality task. The High-quality trim edges avoid premature nicks and also keep your service cart looking good for longer.

Service Carts

Hospitality trolleys are prime things to deliver your industry service in good and better manners. These carts reduce the burden on your staff and make their work easy.

They can transport anything with these carts without any risk of injury and breakage. Along with this, trolleys are essential for luxury hotels or restaurants and also deliver services in modern ways. 

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