What is Maid’s Cart in Hotel Used by Housekeeping

The housekeeping trolley, also referred to as the maid’s cart or service trolley, and known as the room attendants trolley or chamber maid’s trolley, is a crucial piece of equipment in the housekeeping department of hotels. This large toolbox requires stocking with everything required to service a guest room appropriately.

You’ll typically find these housekeeping trolley made from metals, but sometimes wooden versions may be available depending on the hotel. It proves much more useful than caddies when there is a large number of supplies and items to move around.

These trolleys efficiently remove all the smaller pieces of cleaning equipment, clearing agents, linen, and garbage clearance throughout hotels, save time, standardize which specific tools they have during their shift, and simplify job processes with a cleaning process so they don’t waste their full working hours, making the housekeeping trolley an indispensable asset in the hospitality industry.

Requirements Of Maid’s Cart or Trolley: 

When it comes to a maid cart, there are a few necessities that need to be met. 

  • Firstly, it should have enough room to fit all the supplies that a room attendant will need for a day’s work. 
  • Being able to move the cart easily is also important, considering the significant amount of supplies it will hold. 
  • Therefore, the perfect cart should have secure handles or wheels to help maneuver with ease.

Arrangements Of Housekeeper’s Trolley or Cart

Arrangements Of Housekeeper’s Trolley

Three shelves make up the housekeeping trolley, a vital tool for room attendants. The lowest two shelves hold heavy linens, ensuring efficient transport.

The top shelf houses essential supplies, easily accessible during room service. The trolley is ingeniously designed, featuring dedicated compartments for a vacuum cleaner and hand container, a convenient trash bag, space for guestroom brochures, an amenity section for guest comfort, and a strategic storage area for unclean linen.

In cases where floor master keys are unavailable, some housekeeping trolley come equipped with secured guestroom key storage, ensuring security and seamless operations for the chamber carts, a testament to the trolley’s versatility and utility in the hospitality industry.

Responsibility Of Room Attendant Regarding Maid’s Cart:

Typically, the room attendant cart is managed by the assigned room attendant and it is their duty to ensure it is kept clean and in good working condition. If certain measures are followed, such as the carrying out of the following tasks, problems can be avoided and a stress-free user experience can be attained:

  • Prior to sending to room service, ensure all supplies match the provided checklist.
  • Keep the cart well-organized for convenient supply access.
  • Maintain cleanliness and appeal by securely storing the cart when not in use.
  • Position the cart along the corridor wall to prevent collisions during cleaning.

Stocking Of Room Attendant’s Maid Cart

Stocking Of Room Attendant’s Maid Cart

The contents of the housekeeping trolley are typically determined by several factors, such as room category, guest amenities, and cart size. Linen items are commonly stored on the upper and middle shelves, while heavier items like bed sheets or mattress protectors are placed on the bottom shelf.

To balance the weight, lighter items are stored from top to middle, with heavier items positioned at the bottom. Various hotel guest supplies like ashtrays and sewing kits are stocked in proportion.

Additionally, for efficient cleaning, these trolleys often contain different cleaning agents commonly used in the housekeeping department, such as room fresheners and dettols.

Maintenance Of Maid’s Cart or Trolley:

A maid cart plays a crucial role in the housekeeping department, necessitating careful handling and maintenance to ensure longevity and optimal usage. To achieve this, room attendants and housekeepers should adhere to the following steps:

  • Select a dry, well-ventilated area for positioning the maid cart.
  • Perform thorough daily cleaning and wiping of all carts.
  • Regularly empty the soiled linen bags and trash bags kept within the maid cart.
  • Ensure the cart’s wheels are of high quality, expertly oiled, and maintained internationally.
  • After each shift, properly organize all linens and supplies within the cart, facilitating efficient replenishment over time.

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